Diagnostic Medicine 

Our vets determine your pet’s medical condition using a variety of diagnostic tools we have available. Our complete in-house laboratory, coupled with our state-of-the-art imaging equipment (digital x-ray, Doppler ultrasound), will aid in reaching a diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan.

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 Other Services  

Providing our patients with the most complete range of services and the highest quality in veterinary care has always been our top priority at Vets In Practice.

Preventive Care

Prevention is the key to your pet’s health

Outpatient and Inpatient Hospital Care

Treatment of your pet’s diagnosed medical condition can either be done at home or, in more serious cases, while confined in our hospital


Vets In Practice has become a referral center for a wide range of surgical procedures

Avian and Exotic
Pet Care

We are dedicated to the care and treatment of “non-traditional” pets just much as we are to that of dogs and cats

After-Hours Emergency Care

Our Mandaluyong branch accepts after-hours emergency cases from 6:01 pm to 8:59 am

Therapy and Rehabilitation

We have different programs to increase mobility, reduce pain and promote healing from surgery, injury or chronic conditions

Pet Export Assistance

Consultation on the regulations and assistance with medical requirements for international pet travel

Grooming, Boarding and Retail

Grooming and boarding packages for dogs and cats, and an in-house pet store for all your pet care needs


We take pride in being able to perform the most up-to-date and advanced procedures in diagnostics, treatment and surgery.

* Please contact your preferred branch for the availability of these services.

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