Pet Wellness Plans 

At Vets in Practice, we believe that prevention is better than cure. With this in mind, we have designed unique Pet Wellness Plans to suit your pet’s individual needs, aimed to optimize their health whether they are young, at their prime or in their golden years.

What It Is

Our Pet Wellness Plans are annual prepaid preventive healthcare programs that include essential procedures and services customized to enhance your pet’s health at different stages of their life. We have nine Pet Wellness Plans available for cats and dogs of all life stages. 

To see what your pet will be receiving, click on a Plan below:

Mini Puppy Wellness Plan
& Puppy Wellness Plan

Mini Adult Dog Wellness Plan
& Adult Dog Wellness Plan

Mini Senior Dog Wellness Plan
& Senior Dog Wellness Plan

  Kitten Wellness Plan

Adult Cat Wellness Plan

Senior Cat Wellness Plan

What It’s Not

Our Pet Wellness Plans are NOT pet insurance plans and, therefore, do not cover emergencies, accidents, hospitalization and treatment of illnesses.

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Our Pet Wellness Plans are available in all of our branches.

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